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Digest, 3/26/2023: The Past is Epilogue

Greater Than

How Elites Ate the Social Justice Movement

Why Irony, Bro?

You Get Better at Being Psychotic

Education Commentary is Dominated by Optimism Bias

Of Course You Know What "Woke" Means

Subscriber Open Thread, 3/14/2023

Review: The Best Minds, by Jonathan Rosen

Digest, 3/12/2023: House in Hand

I'm Addicted to the Gentle Pleasures of Kim's Convenience

The Lamar Jackson Overcorrection

Some Reasons Why Smartphones Might Make Adolescents Anxious and Depressed

And Now I Will Again Ponderously Explain Why I Am Trans-Affirming

Digest, 3/5/2023: Fire Moonwalk with Me

I Cannot Stress Enough That Grade Point Average is Racially Stratified Too

Being Offensive is an Essential Part of Roald Dahl's Books

The Left Has Never Stood for No Rules or Expectations on Personal Behavior

Subscriber Writing, February 2023

Reggie Fils-Aimé’s Disrupting the Game Is About as Underwhelming as a Wii U

The YIMBYs and Social Capture

Digest, 2/25/2023: Rare Pokemon

The Democrats Are Bad, But We Can't Leave the Working Class to the GOP

Making the Sausage

Call For Subscriber Writing, February 2023

The Bitter End of "Content"

Digest, 2/19/2023: All Alone

We'll Get Dolezals Until the Incentives Change

The Enduring Mystery of Friends

Review: Patrick Bringley's "All the Beauty in the World"

No, Francis Fukuyama is Wrong, Not Just Not Even Wrong

Digest, 2/11/2023: Let This Be Our Little Secret

These Deranged Rich Ladies Are Convenient for Explaining Why We're Leaving New York

Pitchfork and the Death of Things as Themselves

The Ray Allen Story

It's So Sad When Old People Romanticize Their Heydays, Also the 90s Were Objectively the Best Time to Be Alive

The NFL is Structurally Broken

Do You Want Cancel Culture to Exist?

Once Again, I Will Have to Take a Heavier Hand with the Comments

Of Course Drag Isn't Dangerous, It's Just Played Out and Corny

Digest, 1/28/2023: I Go Numb

Subscriber Open Thread: I'm In the Weeds

If I Have to Keep Hearing "Nobody Believes In Us" I'm Going to Jump Out a Window

Remember Rich Uncle Pennybags

Remote Work Shifts Costs From Management Onto Employees

Digest, 1/21/2023: Can't Please the Masses

Let's Read Some Lyrics - Iron & Wine's "The Trapeze Swinger"

Book Club: Jesus' Son, "Beverly Home"

Why is Everyone Suddenly Obsessed with "Generational Wealth"?

Be Independent! No, Not Like That

Digest, 1/14/2023: Doctor, Doctor

There is No Such Entity as Productivity

Subscriber Writing, January 2023

ChatGPT and Winograd's Dilemma

Subscriber Open Thread, 1/11/2023

Book Club, Jesus' Son: Steady Hands at Seattle General


The Creative Underclass is Still Raging

New Commenting Rule

Digest, 1/7/2022: And We Watched Them as They Fell

Richard Linklater, Ranked

Book Club: Jesus' Son, "Happy Hour"

This is Why You Shouldn't Humor Woowoo

Resilience, Another Thing We Can't Talk About