First Book Club: The Cement Garden

These book clubs will be subscriber-only, so if you want to get onboard, you know what to do… Public affirmation in the comments this week is clear: we need a book club. And since I aim to please, we’re having one. This is the first post in the Book Club section of this website. This section will house posts where I will intro a new book and then have weekly thoughts/observations/questions based on a given reading schedule, depending on the length of chapters in any given book. In the comments sections of those posts readers can discuss anything about the book they wish to, provided they do not discuss any plot details from the book that occur later in the text. Spoilers will be ruthlessly deleted. In each weekly post I’ll give where you need to read up to by the next week in order to be caught up. I’ll try to err on the side of “assigning” less rather than more. I may throw some choices for future books out there to you and let you vote on them, but… I’m pretty controlling about this here site so we’ll see.

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