Can't believe I'm the first to comment. Slow weekend I guess.

Video critique: what a difference a camera angle makes! The Tiananmen Square photo collage is IMO a way better background than those black curtains. (Nice subliminal message there too.) I suggest moving the union placards up a bit so that we can read "proud".

Outfitwise, I gotta go with the button-up shirts. Just looks more like a dude that I want to pay attention to. Effects of lifelong conditioning I guess.

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I bought a ring light to try and get a bit better video and I'm hoping that when we move to a new place in a month or two there's a more obvious "studio" location

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>"Richard Feynman was I'm sure as sexist as they say; how could that undermine the scientific validity of his scientific findings? It couldn't."

That's not stopping the woke of course. Here's a blistering and much needed response:

"The Peril of Politicizing Science", Anna I. Krylov, Professor of Chemistry, University of Southern California


J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2021, 12, 22, 5371–5376


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Any suggestions on where to start in that Adam Phillips collection you mentioned in "Other People's Lives"? And I would, as well, be interested in reading your thoughts on psychoanalysis more generally.

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