brief programming note

Hey guys, I’ve implemented a minor change that a few of you might find useful. I regularly hear from people who say that they like my writing but find that the relentless pace at which I publish makes it difficult to follow. What I’ve done is to create a new newsletter section called Weekly Digests. This is where I will house the weekly digest emails, which are sent out every Saturday afternoon. What this will mean is that people who only want a summary of what I’ve put out in the prior week can go to their settings and unclick the main Freddie deBoer newsletter and leave the Weekly Digests newsletter clicked. That way you will only receive the digests, which contain a list of the previous week’s posts and a brief summary. You can then choose what to read from there. Alternatively, if you like the blog but don’t get much out of the digests and their various recommendations, you can unclick that section.

You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want anything to change, as everyone has been automatically added to the new section and new signups will be as well. I hope this will prove useful to some.