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My Favorites of 2021

The Party's Over

For Subscribers: End-of-2021 AMA

Wanting to Convince People to Support You is Not "Popularism"

Perhaps High School is Not Always a Relentlessly Brutal Nietzschean Hellscape

Why Are We Pouring Money Into a Black Box? Why Are We Subjecting Our Young People to a Process with Such Little Transparency? Why Are We Risking Our Economy On It All?

A Christmas Carol, a Story You Know By Heart

The Irony Human Centipede

Student Loan Debt Relief is Self-Interest, and Self-Interest is Politics

Social Responsibility... To Do What?

Covid Panic is a Site of Inter-Elite Competition

Digest, 12/19/2021: You Better Not Cry

Why the Fuck Do You Trust Harvard?

The Wire is a Masterpiece That Gets Worse Every Time I Watch It

Where to Now, Chris? Where to Now?

Book Review: An Alien Light

State of the Newsletter, December 2021

Destruction is Still Mutually Assured

Who Wouldn't Want Weightlifting Advice From Someone Who's No Longer Strong, Cut, Fit, Healthy, or Particularly Big?

Digest, 12/12/2021

The Dawn of Everything: Wicked Liberty Part Two

Everybody Should Go to Yosemite, At Least Once

Yes, Sabermetrics Ruined Baseball

You Don't Have to Be a Marxist

Perhaps You Should Not Spend All Day Ridiculing Others From Afar

Chapter Seventeen

Digest, 12/4/2021: I Can Please None of the People All of Time

Book Review Contest Winners, December Fundraiser, and the Next Book Club

Demian: Eva and the End Begins

The Problem with the 1619 Project Isn't Accuracy, It's Triviality

What Does It Mean For Music to be Overproduced?

Racial Disparities in the SATs Are Exactly What Antiracists Should Predict

Life Goes On

Book Review Contest Results Coming and NFL Picks in Lieu of a Weekly Digest

What Was the "Neoliberal?" Was It Anything?

It Could Be So Much Better Than This

The Witching Hour Approaches

The Failure of Occupy is Almost Complete

Some Preliminary Thoughts on the Dawn of Everything: Chapter 2

Digest, 11/20/2021: Only the Red Line Lives On

Portnoy's Tale, or MeToo, Social Sanction, and Leverage

Spotters Don't "Help"

I Would Like Closure, But I'll Take Honesty

Demian: “The Bird Fights Its Way Out of the Egg” and "Jacob Wrestling"

The Dawn of Everything: Chapter One

Simple Statements of Values That Highlight the Popular and Material Consequences of Our Agenda and Stress Shared Need and Universalism

Now We're Here

Digest, 11/13/2021: Things Are Different Now

Pre-K Research is Mixed, Running to Discouraging, at Best

deMoore's Law

Chapter Fifteen and Sixteen

When You Condone Chaos, You Condone the Consequences of Chaos

Demian: "Among Thieves" and "Beatrice"

Why Does the Universe Need a Teacup?

Video: Academic Professional Incentives and CRT (or "CRT")

Please Just Fucking Tell Me What Term I Am Allowed to Use for the Sweeping Social and Political Changes You Demand

Our National Conversation on Higher Ed Has Next to Nothing to Do With Higher Ed's Real Problems

Read the Bending Cross

There Are No Refs

CRT Could Use a Little Cost/Benefit Analysis

Demian: "Two Realms" and "Cain"

Here's Two Examples of the State Enforcing Social Justice Norms

I'm Still Here

Record of a Failed Academic, Pt. 1: The Epideictic Rhetoric of Celebrity

Digest, 10/31/2021: And We're Back

Who Asked For This Shit?

Short Week: Fight Club Explains Itself in Less Than a Minute and a Half

Short Week: Think Cruise Control to Driver Assist to Driverless Cars, But for the Economy

Demian: Introductory Post

Short Week: The Stupid Baseball Hypothetical I've Chewed On For a Decade

Short Week: My "Cancellation" Was Quite Effective, As a Matter of Fact

Short Week: The Main Thing with Kids is to Keep Them Alive

Short Week: As If Politics Mattered

Chapter Fourteen

Every A Nightmare on Elm Street Movie, Ranked

I Miss Taking Drugs

The Cement Garden: Chapters Nine & Ten

Review: Ross Douthat's The Deep Places

Actually, Tourists Should Go to Times Square

That One Side Would Like to Utterly Destroy the Other Side Seems Significant, To Me

Programming Notes: Book Review Contest, Vacation, Book Club Next Steps and, God Help Me, Let's Game

Digest, 10/9/2021: There's a Heaven for a GPU

the Second Part of Life

Chapter Thirteen

The Cement Garden: Chapters Seven & Eight

The Problem with Liz Phair's Self-Titled Album is That It's an Irredeemable Piece of Shit

The End Times Are Comforting

Will BlackLivesMatter Fall Into the Elephant's Graveyard of Social Movements?

Digest, 10/3/2021: Beware of the Blob

My Last Jedi Thoughts Are Substantially More Correct Than Those of Ross Douthat

Chapter Twelve

"Blue No Matter Who" Gets You Sinema

The Cement Garden: Chapters Five & Six

There is No Such Thing as "Punching Up" or "Punching Down"

My mother, who I have made in paper

Weekly Digest, 9/26/2021

Chapter Eleven

the Heart Wants What It Wants

Smoking Weed Doesn't Feel Good for Me Anymore, and It Hasn't For a Long Time

The Cement Garden: Chapters Three & Four

Book Review Contest!

Joe Rogan, Parody of the Open Mind

Digest, 9/18/2021: Right Now, All You Have is Time Time Time

Emotional Overinvestment & Meaning

Chapter Ten

The Original Matrix is Pretty Bad

Charles Kuralt's "Place of Sorrows"

The Cement Garden: Chapter One & Two

Let's Take the Alex Pareene Challenge

Beware Berkson's Paradox

Digest, 9/11/2021: Seek and Destroy

I Feel Conflicted About Saying This, But I'm a Grad School Success Story

The Cement Garden: Introductory Post

Why Resist Blank Slate Thinking? For One, Look to No Child Left Behind


Genes Believe in You

All White Men Are White Men

Digest, 9/4/2021: I Can't Fall Asleep Without a Little Help

One Post on the Wayside School Books, One Book Club Announcement, and One Mysterious Reference to a Subscriber-Only Bonus Hopefully Soon to Come

First Book Club: The Cement Garden

Review: Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #7 - Snowbound

Chapters Eight & Nine

Do You Hate Catcher in the Rye, or Are You Just a Ball of Perpetual Insecurity and Self Doubt?

Some Friendly Advice on Reviewing Books (or Anything Else Really)

Digest, 8/28/2021: Come Rub Upon My Belly with Your Guava Jelly

Quickie: For a Lot of Parents, the Point of Private School is to Keep Their Kids Away from Black Kids

The Center Holds, For Good and Ill

Chapter Seven

Planet of Cops

Antifa is a Fatherless Child

"Old School Lifting" is Not the One Noble Path of Exercise

Funding Gaps Cannot Explain Academic Gaps

Digest, 8/21/2021: Goines Tale

When Nothing is Worked Through, Nothing is Explained, Nothing is Understood

Chapter Six

There's No Alternative to Cultural Appropriation

Review: Americanah, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Who Tells Them Things They Don't Want to Hear?

Digest, 8/14/2021: Batter My Heart

Lottery Ticket America

Anti-Zionism is Perfectly Mundane

Chapter Five

Sooner or Later, Ability Rules

"NO ONE SAYS" & What a Strawman Is

If You're Bound to Be Bad, Why Bother Being Good?

Digest, 8/8/2021: When Life is Hard, You Have to Change

Five Books for Readers Aged 10-14

Chapter Four

We Walk Among You

I have not "endorsed hate speech"

Anatomy of a Bad Idea: Affirmative Consent

Nü-Metal and Twilight Are the True Outsider Art, the Only Rebel Poets

Digest, 7/31/2021: America I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing

What's a Benefit?

Everything Gawker Existed to Satirize Has Been Destroyed

Chapter Three

I'm Pro-Natalist But Don't Get the Moral Case for Pro-Natalism

Genes Still Matter

To Slightly Reduce How Much the Internet Sucks, Use Positive Reinforcement

Digest, 7/24/2021:

my bus ride

Please Don't Let Political Contrarianism Turn You Into a Lunatic

Chapters One & Two

Do Liberals Have a Plan Other Than Whining About White People and the Senate?

didn't have to be this way: the Jia Tolentino story

Digest, 7/18/2021: Aurora

Five Favorite Movie Trailers (That I Remember)

This Too Shall Pass

Anti-Racism is an Inter-White Struggle

A Reductive Explanation for Recent Changes in Math Pedagogy

Digest, 7/10/2021: Make Me New

Things I Read

Max Isn't Marginalized, Matriarchy Isn't Feminist

Stop Debating Definition

A Materialist Alternative to "Antiracism"

Digest, 7/3/2021: I Used to Ask My Melville Professor if He Was Really Into Cape Horn

Call Me a Normie If You Must, but Valheim is Great - with Friends

Accountability is a Prerequisite of Respect

brief programming note

What Bari Weiss Won't Tell You About Human Rights and China

when you have come apart

Digest, 6/26/2021: Never Meant to Cause You Any Sorrow

Education Week: Review of The Education Trap

Education Week: Educational Assessments are Valid, Reliable, and Remarkably Predictive

Announcing the Red, the Brown, the Green

the Red, the Brown, the Green

Education Week: Yes, Harvard Could And Probably Should Enroll Many More Students, But Let's Be Realistic

Education Week: How is Power Distributed in American Public K-12 Education?

Digest, 6/19/2021: All of the Lights

Yes, Mass Home Ownership is a Dumb Policy Goal, But...

quickie: Who I Voted For, Dem Primaries

The Selfish Fallacy

Toni Morrison's Sula, the Great Underrated American Novel

Critical Race Theory, a Consolation Prize

Digest, 6/12/2021

Can News Survive Being Unbundled?

The Movement Threw the First Brick at Stonewall

Zipcar Sucks and So Does App World

Maybe You Could YIMBY a Little Bit Less

Orange Cheeto Man Bad?

Digest, 6/5/2021: Lawless, Winged, and Unconfined

Those Who Didn't Make the List

At the Heart of It All

Review: Jenny Offill's Weather

What Do We Do with Education Research?

They Tell Me the Cruelty is the Point

Digest, 5/29/2021: A Year Without Miles

Red Handles

I'm afraid I can't dunk about the lab leak

Please, Think Critically About College Admissions

from the archives: the Aum Example

You (Still) Can't Sit with Us

People of Color Have Agency

Digest, 5/22/2015: Let the Dead Poets Make Way for the Others

Other People's Lives

The Age of Kayfabe

by request: The Cult of Smart

You Aren't Actually Mad at the SATs

Digest, 5/515/2021: Cruel World

Bill Zeller, Ten Years Gone

David Foster Wallace Won

a bad partner is worse than rain

it works in traditional media too, Helen

DSA Shows Up

Digest, 5/8/2021: Buy the Dip

Even the Best Star Wars Gets Graded On a Curve

All of This Shit is High School

Addendum: "Why didn't she just...?"

Letter from a Reader: My New Therapist

Annoying Connoisseurs Make Things Better for the Rest of Us

Is Covid moralism forever?

Digest, 5/1/21: Gone to See About a Girl

A Portrait of Ross

More Music For You, Volume One

Elizabeth Wurtzel, 1967-2020

What Became of Atheism, Part One: Wearing the Uniform

What are you, 12? There's no "deserves"

you are exhausted because life is pain

I Can Please None of the People All of the Time, and a Potential Publishing Schedule

Love Isn't Rational and Neither Are You

Cynical Motives for a Cynical Time

About the Actual Writing Part

Review: Lauren Oyler's Fake Accounts

Am I Publishing Too Much?

the lee of the stone

Education Doesn't Work

I don't get what Adam Curtis is saying

Attention Please: Listen to Boris

on trans issues

Some Principles & Observations About Social Justice Politics

Nitro Edition: None of This is New

On Essays and SATs: Some Students are Just More Prepared Than Others

People Believe in Conspiracy Theories Because People Conspire

Women Do Not Need Lunatic Overconfidence

If You Want to Make It As a Writer, For God's Sakes, Be Weird

Trauma Memes Are Dangerous

briefly, on selling writing

The Autodidact Fantasy

the humor in the Marvel movies makes me want to shoot myself directly in the face

Charter School Lotteries Are a Black Box. Why Don't Charter School Advocates Care?

Financial Transparency

It's All Just Displacement

Let's Pick a Tight, Contained Subject for the First Subscriber-Only Post, Such as "Reading"

Could It Be... Genes?

since you asked

Assessing the Nation of Islam

Perhaps We Cannot Do Both

You Can't Censor Away Extremism (or Any Other Problem)

What is the #BLM ask?

Canceling Is Powerless

the Synecdoche Problem

The Skywalker Saga: Strangest Story Ever Told?

non-Nitro Edition: Substack & Media

the weight


Will Wilkinson logrolls the night away

of course Israel is different

Scott Alexander is not in the Gizmodo Media Slack

grievance games

antiracism is not a PR campaign for Black people

you aren't the shit you like

the affirmative action conundrum

"A New Sense of Direction"

the object of your appeal

there is no such thing as justice