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standardized tests are tools of inequality, not equality

Study of the Week: More Bad News for College Remediation

transitioning out of freelancing

Syllabus: Public Writing in de Tocqueville's America

throwing out the individual differences baby with the group differences bathwater

I can teach you regression discontinuity design in two images

The Academic "Success Sequence" - Get Lucky at Birth, Mostly

for lack of what is found there

yes, campus activists have attempted to censor completely mainstream views

Study of the Week: Hitting the Books, or Hitting the Bong?

restriction of range: what it is and why it matters

cultural studies, ironically, is something of a colonizer

Study of the Week: Modest But Real Benefits From Lead Exposure Interventions

Mechanism Agnostic Low Plasticity Educational Realism

"Education is the only tool to reduce poverty and inequality"

the mass defunding of higher education that's yet to come

Study of the Week: To Remediate or Not to Remediate?

programming note

Lesson Plan: Teaching Prose Style to Freshmen

(Actual) Study of the Week: Academic Outcomes for Preemies

two concepts about sampling that were tricky for me

genetic behaviorism supports the influence of chance on life outcomes

Study of the Week: We'll Only Scale Up the Good Ones

public services are not an ATM

Reporting Regression Results Responsibly

diversifying the $5 reward tier

g-reliant skills seem most susceptible to automation

Study of the Week: Of Course Virtual K-12 Schools Don't Work

Study of the Week: Trade Schools Are No Panacea

why universities can't be the primary site of political organizing

correlation: neither everything nor nothing

you learn by being taught

another notch in the belt

Study of the Week: Feed Kids to Feed Them

two economists ask teachers to behave as irrational actors

Study of the Week: Better and Worse Ways to Attack Entrance Exams


two sets of universities, two countries, two futures

"Like the validity of intelligence testing, the heritability of intelligence is no longer scientifically contentious."

Campbell's Law and the inevitability of school fraud

Study of the Week: What Actually Helps Poor Students? Human Beings

no, really, race is a social construct

norm referencing, criterion referencing, and ed policy

Study of the Week: Rebutting Academically Adrift with Its Own Mechanism

let's take a deep dive into that Times article on school choice

nihilism in, nihilism out

Study of the Week: Nicaraguan Sign Language and the Speaking Animal

Published Elsewhere: the Rise of the Collegiate Liability Avoidance Class

why would school choice improve outcomes?

Study of the Week: When It Comes to Student Satisfaction, Faculty Matter Most

selection bias: a parable

the Official Dogma of Education (version 1.0)


it turns out we're all locked up in here together

Study of the Week: Discipline Reform and Test Score Mania

lots of fields have p-value problems, not just psychology

I am not, it turns out, the agent of faculty death at Brooklyn College

from the archives: physical restraint as the least bad option

Study of the Week: Computers in the Home

addressing some complaints

disentangling race from intelligence and genetics, or how to rescue behavioral genetics from racists

Too Hot for Academic Journals: Lexical Diversity and Quality in L1 and L2 Student Essays

if formal music education is a privilege, spread the privilege

journalists, beware the gambler's fallacy

another day, another charter school scandal

Study of the Week: the Gifted and the Grinders

Success Academy Charter Schools accepted $550,000 from pro-Trump billionaires

do peer effects matter? nah

notes for 3/31/17

looking beyond test scores in defense of after school programs

why selection bias is the most powerful force in education