Chapter Twenty-Six

For four days she had done little else than try to maintain her feeling of skeptical hopefulness, in part because there wasn’t much else that she could do. But Mac’s paranoia was infectious. They had relocated Long Fei to their tent complex, which now seemed to take up most of the yard. In this, the largest tent, they had erected most of their computing gear. It was a small mountain’s worth of electronics, beige towers stacked one on top of another, a large enclosure filled with hard drives, some ancient-looking tech like oscilloscopes wired into the mix somehow. It stood, all in all, a good three feet taller than Haojing herself. Emerging from the center stood a tall, telescoping antenna, which they had deployed with great delicacy and from which long thing membranes were extended. When she had asked their purpose, Simon had simply said they were gathering data.

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