If someone needs a book to review, I need reviews for:

18 Months: A Memoir of a Marriage Lost to Gender Identity

to be released October 16 on Amazon. (blurb and more info are at http://shannonthrace.com)

I'm happy to send a physical book or an electronic ARC. Excerpts are available on my substack--if interested come visit me there, so as not to give yourself away here.

As Freddie is not considering previously published work, I will not seek to publish or excerpt said review until after the contest and with the permission of the relevant parties.

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I have a Wordpress blog that I haven't managed to update in well over a year, after my blogging momentum had already been waning for quite a while. I have a post or two on there that I'm proud enough of, and judge as relevant enough to the interests of Freddie's readership, to submit as subscriber writing. One in particular, which I wrote in early 2018 I think, is a critique of an article called "Laziness Does Not Exist" which was making the rounds at the time, and I was thinking of submitting it for one of the calls for subscriber writing even *before* Freddie recently participated in a podcast with the writer of the "laziness" article.

But I notice that pretty much all links to subscriber writing so far have been *very recent* writing by currently active bloggers/journalists and (less importantly but relatedly) that none are from Wordpress and in fact, the vast majority are Substack articles or otherwise from webpages that come across a little more polished. So I'm feeling a bit shy about submitting any of my old(-ish) stuff. It's not as though there's anything particularly dated about most of the points I was trying to make 4-5 years ago, but it still feels weird. Are there any major guidelines and/or restrictions on the subscriber writing, including parameters such as "should be from the past year"?

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